My approach to therapy is trauma-informed, compassion-focused, and inclusive.


I am inspired by: Internal Family Systems (Also known as parts work), Somatic Therapy, Feminist Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy, Emotionally-focused Individual Therapy and Art Therapy.


No matter what approaches we are using in our work together - there is always a focus on self-compassion and empowerment. Every person is unique, and I love to tailor my approach to your unique needs and goals for therapy, while always working with empathyunderstanding, an open-mind and open-heart.


I work with individuals of various ages, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations and I am dedicated to being a safe and supportive space that honours diversity. 

I am dedicated to continued learning and growing in the areas of: intersectional feminism, anti-racism, the effects of white supremacy (patriarchy, capitalism, etc), cultural humility in counselling, and 2SLGBTQAI+ affirmative counselling. All relationship-styles welcome!