My approach to therapy is integrative, trauma-informed, nervous system-informed and inclusive

I use a variety of approaches that work on cognitive, emotional and somatic levels. I draw from: Internal Family Systems, Bibliotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Emotionally-focused Therapy. I am also currently training in Somatic Soul-based Trauma Therapy and will be integrating this into my practice. Further, I am a professional Art Therapist - Creative expression has many benefits and can be a powerful tool for exploration, self-discovery, and expression. No matter what approaches we are using in our work together - there is always a focus on self-compassion and empowerment. Every person is unique, and I love to tailor my approach to your unique needs and goals for therapy, while always working with empathyunderstanding, an open mind and open heart.


In addition, I identify as a Transpersonal therapist. From the transpersonal perspective: problems, illness, and crises are seen as integral parts of growth in order to develop to our fullest potential as human beings. Transpersonal therapy also allows for a validating and understanding space for you to receive support for experiences that go beyond "normal" (See: Plant Medicines & Spirituality), and gives importance to the health of the mind, body, and spirit.


I work with individuals of various ages, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations and I am dedicated to being a safe and supportive space that honours diversity. 

I am always learning about intersectional feminism, anti-racism, the effects of white supremacy and the patriarchy, cultural-competence in counselling, and LGBTQ2S+ affirmative counselling. All relationship-styles welcome!